The founding Grandmaster’s Credo


Introductory comments

This preamble was read on September 27, 1977, on the night of Full Moon celebration and declared as the ‘Preamble of the Grandmaster for all PGB schools wherever they are’.

Within the context of this preamble, the Indonesian word ‘ilmu’ was used to refer to the teachings of PGB. Although ‘ilmu’ literally translates into English as ‘Science’, the original term embodied both, an understanding of what in the West might be considered secular scientific practice, and a metaphysical understanding of innate connections between mind, body, and spirit. Thus, ‘ilmu’ incorporates a much deeper level of practice and experiment with energetic and spiritual development, as well as bodily structural mechanics, geometry, and physics.

The Preamble

Awareness of Science

Science occurs because of the existence of phenomena in nature and awareness in humanity. Because of this, awareness of Science is only complete when it is reconciled with the reality of nature. This is the return of Science to nature.


Because we do not live alone, we are involved in society and culture; between ourselves and nature there is always society and culture. Thus for that reason, the return of Science to nature must pass through society and culture. This is the true way of humanity.

It is impossible for good Science to destroy society and become counter cultural, because in such cases it is impossible for Science to return to nature. Thus, legitimate Science must protect society and culture.


Further, good Science must strengthen the energy of good relations between people. This energy is compassion. Without compassion, human relations are dry and oppressive. Compassion brings humans closer to nature because compassion is the essence of the life force, the essence of growth, and the essence of healing. Without compassion we will be unable to return Science to nature.


We of Persatuan Gerak Badan Silat will return our Science to nature through will and action, to defend humankind, defend culture, and preserve the flame of compassion.

The Oath of PGB members

Mastery of lineage based martial arts traditionally goes hand in hand with ethical guidelines. PGB members take on five basic promises as a Practice to complement their personal development in White Crane Silat:

Oath of the members of the association

We promise

  1. I will protect my integrity

  2. I will practice honesty

  3. I will enhance my capabilities

  4. I will preserve courteous behavior

  5. I will exercise self-control

Sumpah Warga Persatuan

Kami bersumpah

  1. Sanggup memelihara kepribadian

  2. Sanggup patuh pada kejujuran

  3. Sanggup mempertinggi prestasi

  4. Sanggup menjaga sopan santun

  5. Sanggup menguasai diri

The PGB Symbol


The PGB founder, Suhu Subur Rahardja, chose the White Crane as the symbol of the school because the crane is a social animal which represents balance and grace, and only fights in self defense 

  • The outer yellow ring represents community. It means wherever we are, we highly value community

  • The inner yellow ring is the sign of learning, which means the training that we get is not meant to make us arrogant. Learning is one of the foundations of good character and self-confidence

  • Blue represents harmony. Martial art as a Practice is supposed to enhance the harmony between people, not for violence and separation

  • Red represents courage. A martial art student must have the courage to stand for the truth

  • White represents purity. Community and Practice are based on love

  • Two small rings on the right and left represent balance

  • Cranes are social animals that love to get together, never look for enemies and always remember their homes, so the White Crane represents community and honorable conduct