Movement in isolation is only one half of the experience. Connecting human to human - engaging in a dialog through Movement is the other half

Selected exercises include:

  • Martial Applications: basic applications of Movements with a partner

  • Feeling/ push hands: feeling the movement and intention of one’s partner, as well as oneself

  • Throwing: finding that precise point where balance is broken and throwing becomes effortless

  • Free-form sparring: free dialog through movement unfolding moment by moment

  • Self-defense: physical responsiveness drills to protect oneself and others in situations of danger

  • Sam Po Kun: advanced mind, body, spirit practices taking sensitivity and feeling to the next level

White Crane Silat places great emphasis on exploring the relationships between oneself and the environment. Between oneself and others

The martial and self-defense aspects: confidence and compassion

At a very primal level physical interactions between humans are hardwired into our fabric

The ability to:

  • respond to a physical assault effectively and with integrity is part of basic movement literacy

  • protect oneself and loved ones in situations of danger translates into how one carries oneself in the world - with confidence and compassion