Freedom of Motion is at the very core of physical health and longevity

It’s about being able to move effortlessly and intentionally within the body’s healthy range of motion without undue discomfort or limitation

This concept includes systematic development of:

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Connected mobility: the active expression of flexibility in motion

  • Balance

  • Coordination

White Crane Silat Foundations develop all elements of Freedom of Motion in an integrated, holistic way

With Freedom of Motion comes the possibility to express mind & body more dynamically through Movement

It’s like a dance

It’s fun

When I do that I don’t think about martial art or doing a movement

Just move
Feeling everything
— Pak IeIe

This is a natural progression

A uniquely broad and holistic movement system:

  • Foundations: a variety of strikes, blocks, kicks, sweeps, and lower gate footwork explorations

  • Floor work: movement on the floor (rolling and tumbling, falling safely, snake style sweeps, and lower gate transitions)

  • Short movements: flowing whole-body movements

  • Long movements: longer movement sequences with unique rhythm and flow, each embodying a specific movement character (e.g. white crane, tiger, dragon, snake, monkey, arhat, and many others)

  • Dragon Gate movements: shorter sequences distilling the essence of long movements

  • Health movements: Harmony or Health Movements are practiced with a focus on sensitivity and suppleness, as well as breath

  • Weapons: broad range of traditional weapons, such as staff, sword, cane, etc.

Importantly, the martial heritage provides structural integrity and guides Movement expression

Purpose equally emphasizes health impact, energy development, and the harmony of mind, body and spirit

There is no guess work and random exploration

All Movements are elements within an integrated system and reinforce each other. This system has been honed and refined over centuries and passed down from generation to generation. It’s passed the test of time

Movement in isolation is only one half of the experience. Connecting human to human - engaging in a dialog through Movement is the other half

Selected exercises include:

  • Martial Applications: basic applications of Movements with a partner

  • Feeling/ push hands: feeling the movement and intention of one’s partner, as well as oneself

  • Throwing: finding that precise point where balance is broken and throwing becomes effortless

  • Free-form sparring: free dialog through movement unfolding moment by moment

  • Self-defense: physical responsiveness drills to protect oneself and others in situations of danger

  • Sam Po Kun: advanced mind, body, spirit practices taking sensitivity and feeling to the next level

White Crane Silat places great emphasis on exploring the relationships between oneself and the environment. Between oneself and others

The martial and self-defense aspects: confidence and compassion

At a very primal level physical interactions between humans are hardwired into our fabric

The ability to:

  • respond to a physical assault effectively and with integrity is part of basic movement literacy

  • protect oneself and loved ones in situations of danger translates into how one carries oneself in the world - with confidence and compassion

Mindfulness practices in stillness teach us the qualities of a concentrated, clear, and balanced mind

Many people find it challenging to close the gap between experiencing these qualities in stillness and applying them in everyday life

The practices of the White Crane Silat lineage have been originally conceived by monks and nuns in the monasteries of ancient China as a vehicle to do exactly that. To close that gap. To bring mindfulness into movement, interactions with others, and all life situations

Build a Personal Practice for a healthy and well balanced life

The teaching and practice in our school is very individual. As a basic framework our regular classes incorporate the following elements:



Gather for the practice, grounding in the moment through breathing

Prepare the body to move by clearing and mobilizing the joints

Lengthen and create openness through a variety of stretches



Build connected strength and mobility through Foundations (a variety of strikes, blocks, kicks, sweeps, and lower gate footwork explorations)

Become comfortable with the floor by gradually and safely exploring rolling and falling

Express mind & body through movement with the signature flowing whole body movements iconic for White Crane Silat



Connect human to human through partner work progressing from basic feeling/ push hands drills to effective martial applications and free form sparring (dialog through movement)

Integrate the experience through a grounding meditation in stillness and enjoy the vibe created through the practice


Pillar 1: Freedom of Motion

Pillar 4: Mindfulness


Pillar 1: Freedom of Motion

Pillar 2: Expression of Mind & Body

Pillar 4: Mindfulness


Pillar 3: Human Connection

Pillar 4: Mindfulness